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Successful Applicants  (see Media releases for further details)

Innovative Industry Program

TTNA - Resource development and workship delivery program on Carbon Fibre Technology.

RMIT - Develop resource materials on engineered textiles and associated technologies for use by under-graduate students, staff and researchers in textile technology, engineering and architecture.  Deliver workshops on the innovation process.

RMIT - Access to training, equipment and infrastructure associated with innovative product and process development.

CSIRO - Short course on thermal insulation products technical principles.

FSAA - Filtration & separation characteristics comparison worksho9p for different media structures (primarily felts with wovens)

Sustainable Industry Program

HOLEPROOF - Operational Execellence Strategy through Lean Principles - thinking, leadership, systems and value chain.

TTNA - Sustainability conference, seminars and learning resource development.

TEXSKILL - Lean Vocational Graduate Certificate and Introduction to Lean Program

RMIT - CSIRO Cotton Field to Fabric Training Course

TEXSKILL - Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise

TEXSKILL - Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise

CSIRO - Fundamentals and Methodologies of R & D

TEXSKILL - Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise

RMIT - CSIRO Cotton Field to Fabric

GEOFABRICS - Comprensive geosynthetics/geotextiles learning & development focusing on waste containment, coastal erosion/drainage, erosion control and soil reinforcement

TEXSKILL - Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise

FILTRATION & SEPARATION ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALASIA (FSAA) - Application of Welding Technologies to Textile Filter Media and Industrial Textiles

GEOFABRICS - Remote training delivery of product knowledge and installation instructions via quick response code system and mobile internet.

MARTINI INDUSTRIES - Develop and deliver enterprise based nonwoven training program.


Value Chain Program

FCST - Fibre and textile related products used in building and construction - HiEd resource development and delivery.

AWI - AWTTC program: Three courses focussing on domestic supply chain participants.

TTNA - Educate engineering students on fibres and textiles specifically for use in civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

SDCANZ - Short course series in Colour Measurement and Colourimetry.

 RMIT - Develop & pilot training DVD for combat and non combat clothing equipment 








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